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2021 Real Estate Trends To Keep An Eye On

Whether you work in real estate or are interested in buying or selling a home in the upcoming year, it’s important to understand both the current and the projected states of the housing market. Here are some real estate trends to keep an eye ...

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Quick Cleaning Tips For Holidays

If you’re hosting this year’s Thanksgiving dinner, you’ll be far too busy basting turkey to do a detailed holiday clean the day of the meal. However, you don’t want your friends and family to think you have a messy home. What’s a host...

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What You Should Know About Home Appraisals

Whether you’re buying a home using a mortgage, refinancing your existing mortgage, or selling your home to anyone other than an all-cash buyer, a home appraisal is a key component of the transaction. If you’re a buyer, owner, or seller, you...

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Is Your Trying to Kill You?

How to detect and avoid five of the most common household hazards. Home is where you feel comfortable and safe. It’s where you tuck your kids into bed and lazily watch hours of Netflix on the couch. Without your care and vigilance, howe...

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How to Avoid Buying a Haunted House

Footsteps late at night. Music randomly playing. Lights flickering. Unexplained shadows. True-horror fans might get a thrill out of moving into a house with a haunted past, but others might see it as a nightmare. It wouldn't surprise us to h...

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11 Things to Do Before Listing Your Home

Not sure how to get your house ready to sell? Fortunately, there are steps you can take before putting your home on the market to increase your chances of receiving a solid offer from a buyer. From cleaning and staging to repainting and deperso...

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