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6 Things Your Real Estate Agent Can Help You With

  In addition to being knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the real estate marketplace, a savvy real estate agent is an excellent resource for valuable contacts who can aid in your home purchase or sale. Tapping into an agent’s arsenal of truste ... [read full post]
published November 5, 2019

How Long Does It Take to Close on a House?

  How long does it take to close on a house? During your house-hunting adventures, you've turned on (and hopefully off) at least 20 water faucets and peered into about 50 closets (oh, the things you've seen!). And now, at long last, you've saved your down payment, rese ... [read full post]
published October 30, 2019


  Atlanta Motor Speedway is pitching the idea of building a massive resort that would include a casino. AMS President Ed Clark says the resort would also include a major hotel, convention space, timeshare apartments, a shopping center and several dining options. Clark also mentioned having ... [read full post]
published October 22, 2019

Fall Checklist for your home!!

  Have you done your fall checklist to protect your home during the winter months?     ... [read full post]
published September 30, 2019

11 Very Popular Home Updates Worth The Money

The Guide To Home Renovations   More often than not, it’s about the time, money and effort you devote to the property while living there. The more updates and proper maintenance put in, the more likely you are to see it reflected in the final sale price when y ... [read full post]
published May 30, 2019

Ask us about our Scholarship!!!

  Our team strives to helps families buy/sell their dream homes! We also strive to help families and children for their college expenses because lets be honest, COLLEGE IS EXPENSIVE! So we want to be able to help ALL clients that have kids going to college, getti ... [read full post]
published May 28, 2019

Why You Should Take Your Real Estate Agents Advice

  Buying or selling a home seems like it should be fairly intuitive. A buyer and a seller agree on a price and voila – a deal is made. But of course, as any homebuyer or seller will tell you it’s much more complicated than that. In many marke ... [read full post]
published April 16, 2019

What is your Down Payment?

  WATCH THIS LINK BELOW TO SEE THE PROCESS OF YOUR DOWNPAYMENT!!   Credit to: Angel Bailey Home Loans Angel Bailey Mortgage Loan Originator at Homestar Financial Corporation Address: 2000 First Dr. Ste 190 Marietta, GA ... [read full post]
published March 18, 2019

NEW CONSTRUCTION!!! 430 Misty Brook Property Video (Details & Humor!!)

Please check out this funny & detailed video on our newest construction property. My wife & I enjoyed doing this video!    430 Misty Brook Court Video (Tour of property)     To see the details of the house being built please check out this link below to see more abou ... [read full post]
published February 13, 2019

15 Great Small towns in Georgia to Visit

We cover all over Georgia but here is a link to view and visit some of the Wonderful Small Towns in Georgia we work in.     ... [read full post]
published January 11, 2019

Checklist for Putting Your Home on the Market

  Your dream home’s calling your name, but first, you have to sell your current residence. Not sure where to begin? Not a problem! __ 1. CHOOSE AN AGENT. If you’re planning on buying a new construction home, it’s time to choose an agent. Ask fri ... [read full post]
published January 2, 2019

Why you should sell your home in 2019!

Few people are predicting that 2019 will be a record-breaking year for home prices. But relatively speaking, 2019 might be the best time for you to put your house on the market. Especially if you’re on the fence about selling this year or next. Home pr ... [read full post]
published December 17, 2018

Purchasing a New Construction & Things you need to know.

6 simple steps to buying a house Improve your credit score. Figure out what you can afford. Save for down payment, closing costs. Build a healthy savings account. Get pre approved for a mortgage. Buy a house you like.   Buying "new const ... [read full post]
published December 12, 2018

What does it mean for "Move In Ready?"

  If you’re like many home buyers in today's market, you’re looking for a house that’s ready for you to live in right away. You don’t want to go through the hassle of making a lot of changes before moving your furniture in and calli ... [read full post]
published December 6, 2018

How to Maximize Increases in Your Home Value

U.S. homeowners with mortgages have seen their home equity increase nearly 12 percent year over year. That represents a gain of almost $871 billion since the third quarter of 2016. Most homeowners recognize that having more equity in their homes is a good thing ... [read full post]
published November 19, 2018

Guide to Making & Accepting an Offer on a home.

In most markets, home buyers must act quickly to get the house they want. (Getty Images) You’ve spent the last few months house hunting, preparing your house for sale or doing both. All that stands between you and a pending de ... [read full post]
published October 25, 2018

Reasons to take advantage of home Buying/Selling in the Winter

You’ve got plans to sell your home, but as you approach the end of the year, waiting until spring seems like torture. The house is already prepped, and you’re eyeing a new house you’d like to buy. So why wait? You don’t have to. Spring ... [read full post]
published October 24, 2018

Did you know you don't always need an Appraisal on your loans?

Your loan has been underwritten and conditionally credit approved!  As you know we will not require and appraisal on your loan.   No Appraisal needed:  Automated Collateral Evaluation (ACE) leverages historical data and proprietary models to assess whether the e ... [read full post]
published October 22, 2018

The Difference Between Your Home's Market and Assessed Value

Understanding your home’s value is an important part of knowing your net worth, what you’ll likely receive if you sell the property and how the local real estate market is faring. Home value is also an integral part of determining how much property t ... [read full post]
published October 15, 2018

Preapproved vs. Prequalified: Which Is Best When You're House Hunting?

Before you can buy a house, you have to know how you’ll pay for it. For 88%of home buyers, that means financing the purchase with a loan, according to the National Association of Realtors' 2018 Home Buyer & Seller Generational Trends Report. A ma ... [read full post]
published October 9, 2018

Are you a Business Woman Looking to Move to Georgia?

Georgia second in nation in number of women-owned businesses started! Yetunde Jude launched her hair products business in 2016, testing, mixing and packaging her merchandise at her kitchen table. A divorced mother of two, Jude juggles her full-time internet marketing job, h ... [read full post]
published September 6, 2018

Rent vs. Buy

Georgia Perimeter Homes Published by Carlos Colon · 25 mins ·  Hey RENTERS... Are you wondering if you could afford BUYING instead of RENTING??? In Griffin, a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment runs about $975 a month. ... [read full post]
published June 26, 2018

Congratulations to our Scholarship Winner!

Congratulations Erin DeCicco, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill received our team scholarship for Whitewater High on your behalf! We look forward to partnering again in the future! Good luck in school, we know you will do great! If you are interested in scholarship opportunities for yo ... [read full post]
published June 22, 2018
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